30 June 2006

Weeds.. where do they come from?

This is my garden taken from the decking. I love my garden. Most of the plants have been purchased from boot sales, open gardens, been given by friends or just got there by themselves. I am useless at plant names and don't know what they are called apart from the geraniums. My latest purchase from car boot sale last saturday is this a curly willow.

29 June 2006

So many things going on at once........

Dad - he's in hospital, was rushed in on Sunday evening after collapsing in the home where he lives. He is comfortable and eating and drinking, so I am told by the overly busy people I speak to on the telephone. We are still waiting for the hospital renal doctor to examine him and his test results then we will know what the plan is for him. Dad suffers from urinary problems and is supposed to wear/use a catheter, however due to his psychiatric problems (Dad suffers from schizophrenia) he always removes it (ouch...), so there is an additional problem. Anyway, we wait to see what happens next. Dad lives in a home for people with psychiatric problems, along with my brother.

Sister 1 in and sister 2 are both on holiday so don't know about Dad yet. Sister 1 has her mobile switched off (handy!) and sister 2 is away for a few days and I will tell her when she comes back, in fact she is back today so will speak to her later. I have informed sister 3 who lives in Spain.

Brother (one and only) - He sees the consultant physiatrist today in order to have tests to check that the medicines he takes (also for schizophrenia) are not poisoning his body. Although the current medicines have made him less fearful, they are having a terrible effect on his body. He has but on about 3.5 stones in weight in less than 3 years, additionally and more important Tony's face has changed nearly beyond recognition in the same time. I sent the consultant photos of Tony two and a half years ago and a recent photo, this prompted the appointment today. We will see how he gets on.

Importation of herbs from India - I am an Ayurvedic practitioner, newly qualified and am in the process of setting up my own practice. I am having problems with the importation of the Ayurvedic herbs and medicines. Apparently the law allows you to sell, supply, manufacture and assemble, but, as the nice and helpful customs chap sees it, it does not allow you me to import them. So I had a long chat today with another very nice chap in the health services who is trying to understand the current law and see if there is any way I can work with it to import the herbs.

Ayurveda - Put simply, Ayurveda seeks to keep you in good health by balancing your individual constitution, or ‘dosha’. The idea of 'dosha' follow the therory that everybody is made up of a unique blend of the three basic physiological principles that govern bodily processes (vata, pitta and kapha). Ayurveda followers see a disease in the body as an imbalance of the three dosha - and as such the treatments are focused on regaining a healthy balance. See link for more info on Ayurveda.

Employment - I have been a (mature!) student for 4 years and am now broke. I have decided to return to a finance/accounting job on a part time basis and run my Ayurvedic practice in the afternoons. Apparently there are many full time positions that would suit me, but no part time positions. The wonderful (and extremely handsome) man at the recruitment agency is going to do his best for me and I trust him completely. I am sure he will arrange something (in the job line) for me in the very near future. I am so looking forward to getting/having money again....

J - I have a very beautiful friend (J) who suffers from MS. I have been communicating with an Ayurvedic doctor who is currently working in Ireland. He has recommended a particular formulation for J to take, and am waiting to see if she is interested in trying it. It is quite costly at about £500.00 for 4 months supply. Anyway, during the communication with Dr K, it seems he wants to be famous and is happy for me to email him with my difficult patients and he will send the prescription details for me dispense. Sounds like a very good idea but..... we will see.... Actually I would be delighted for him to be famous as he is a really excellent doctor with 14 years experience. However, he is now talking about me advertising cases in the press showing his name, this I am not so sure about. Anyway early days yet.

Puppy – Do we or don’t we get a puppy. We have spoken about it for ages now, I want a golden retriever and hubby, alias GOM – grumpy old man, wants a westie. Well here on our beautiful island there are no puppies available, we thought we would have to go to the UK for one. Even the animal shelter (RSPCA) don’t have any and haven’t had any for over 6 months, well that is how long we have been on their register. Now there are 7 puppies available from a private seller, the mother is a Labrador cross and the father is a – wait for it – a poodle. They are calling these puppies labradoodles. Well GOM straight away said he was not having a labra-bloody-doodle…. Anyway, after someone told him that the puppies were gorgeous we went to have a look. They are really cute, there are 4 black and 3 fawn coloured, they are 8 weeks old and just adorable. The cost for each puppy is £300, yup £300. Now GOM is saying he is not paying £300 for a mongrel. Even more of a problem is we did get a puppy is who would look after it during the mornings that I (hopefully) will be a work. I don’t envisage being busy with my Ayurvedic practice straight away so the afternoons should be fine. Dearest J said she would look after him/her in the mornings, that might be fine when it is small but I think it would be too much for her when it grows. And…. now I am getting the willies about the responsibility. I am happy to get up and walk it in the mornings, and walk it in the evenings, that is not the problem. But leaving it alone for too long worries me and what about when I want to go away. Yes we have friends who would look after it and of course kennels if it came to it, but oh, I just don’t know. I have been like this all my life thinking about having kids and never been brave enough to go there, too much responsibility. So to have a puppy or not – to be decided….

I think that is enough to bring you up to date on my current issues. I am sure there is more but I think that is enough for one day.

Ps for those of you who are English experts, in the grammatical sense, just accept my errors. Thanks.

22 June 2006

Am I a lady.....

Well I think I am though don't over do it. Often I think I should tidy myself up. What does the quiz think - see below.

You Are 40% Lady

You tend to make up your rules of etiquette, throwing all conventions aside.
And while you try to be a lady (sometimes), your behavior is often quite shocking.

Seven Deadly Sins Quizz - my results

These are the result to my answers, I don't know about the gluttony bit, I am a bit of a pig when it comes to sweet foods, cakes, biscuits...

Actually, I don't know if these results are good or bad....

Wrath:Very Low
Envy:Very Low
Lust:Very Low
Pride:Very Low

The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz on 4degreez.com

14 June 2006


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