06 July 2007

At long last....

After hurdle after hurdle I have now opened my Ayurvedic clinic. I have had so many struggles in obtaining the herbs, due to the non understanding of Ayurveda by the local authorities. I also had a six month delay in the building where I am located, being told it will be ready in September, then December, and I finally received the room suitable for purpose in February.

The clinic is called The Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre and in situated in a large Medical Centre alongside doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, there is even a plastic surgeon and skin clinic on the premise
s, and me.

My consultation room is quite small but I love it. Here is a photo.

I just love the herbs.

I do have some clients/patients who are making some very nice progress in their health and I am getting referrals from those. However I do have to work on marketing myself, which is not a strong point. I have some nice leaflets to advertise the clinic which are being distributed to health shops and I have a flyer to put up in the local gyms and sports centres.

How does it feel? Well I am delighted to have my centre open.

So here I am, wish me luck.

I guess you are asking - What is Ayurveda? Next post.