15 August 2006

Meet Ruby...

Ruby is my neice who is just gorgeous...

What do you think of my wings?

and cheeky

What can I get away with next?

And can be that age... two

I want to run around all those people even though they are having lunch....

And funny

Oh Uncle Allan do that again!

And mischevious....

What should I do next?

And brave...

Make way I am coming in - splash!

And thoughtful....

Is it really my birthday... where is the cake?

And as I said, just gorgeous. Ruby was two and half when these were taken last May. She lives in Spain with my youngest sister and her hubby. She is cute, funny, quite clever, mischeivious and has a great sense of humour - she really laughs.

Lovely eh!

02 August 2006

Where I have visited...

These are the countries I have visited in my young 47 years. I have been very fortunate.

My youngest sister lived in Hong Kong for many years and when we visited her we would then go off on holiday to the Philippines or Thailand. That is what started the travel bug.

I spent 15 months backpacking in 1999/2000 with my hubby Allan, mainly in Asia. I will have to write a travel blog of this time.

I have been to so many countries but never been to Scotland or Ireland. Isn't that terrible, I do feel guilty about that. Every year I say I must visit these places but put it off for another trip elsewhere.

In my recent 'student' years holidays have been restricted to family trips. Now that I am working again we can now consider which country to visit next... Maybe it will be within the British Isles but I somehow doubt it.

We haven't been diving for many years so I think that will be our next proper holiday. To revisit the beautiful underwater world of the fish, it does feel like you are visiting another world when you dive. We dived once to see hammerhead sharks; wow it was scary, and thrilling. We sat deep down in the blue ocean waiting for the sharks to pass, and they did.

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