24 March 2007

Moody afternoon......

The day wasn't particularly good yesterday weather wise, but as I was on my way home the sun came out from between the clouds and shone onto sea. The view was stunning.

Again it's the dark and light that catch me. I joined two photos together for the above, here they are independently.


20 March 2007

This is how I prefer to see snow....

The Pyrenees at New Year.

15 March 2007

Brave hearts...

Wednesday 14th March!

We have been enjoying the most beautiful sunny days. Yesterday whilst walking in Gorey we watched the children step warily into the water.

Braver than me, she says wrapped up in her woolies.

Photos aren't so good, the were taken using the zoom on my camera phone.

Dusk skies

I just love sunsets, have a look at these photos taken over three different evenings in the past two weeks. Just gorgeous.

It feels like the start of summer, never mind the start of spring. :)

I think its the light and dark that get me and the incredible colours.

09 March 2007


Out walking last week I passed a lady out walking her toddler twins, they must have been about 2 years old - both girls. This was the scene along the pathway on my return.


Two toddlers AND two buggies obviously proved too much.

Bloody Builders...

We are going to have a conservatory built, along with a few other bits done inside the house.

I don't want to be involved too much with any of the works. I have put in my request (told BH what I want) and am expecting/hoping that he will advise the builder who will then come and take over all the planning etc.

Well, the estimator from one of the conservatory companies phoned out of the blue, could he pop by with the builder he was recommending so they could have a look where it was going. 'OK, no problem' said I. They came, so polite me asked let me know if you need anything. WRONG!

Questions questions questions. Which way do the upstairs floorboards lay!? No I don't know which way the upstairs loo pipes run under the floorboards! No I don't know what the drain cover looks like! What floor am I having - do I have to decide that now?

An hour and half later there were 4 of them talking of things I no nothing about, nor do I want to know - I just want a conservatory. This was the scene....

Can you guess who's is who's - there was the plumber, electrical, builder and conservatory salesman?


I was saved when BH came home unexpectedly and took over.

04 March 2007

Nature - it just amazes me

Look at the colours, so vivid. They don't look real do they?

I really love these flowers, well most flowers. But the colours of anenomes always amaze me.

I quite like leaves too.

It feels like they are all trying to get their heads up.

Washed up and hung out to dry

St Ouens after a stormy night.

Jersey Cows

We have some wonderful sculpture here in Jersey. Here are some of our Jersey Cows. They are placed in Wests Centre, St Helier and give alot of pleasure to people of all ages.

And at all times of the day and night.

The Blue Fish restaurant looks out at these cows and in the evening much pleasure can be gained from observing the youth (and those not so young) attempt to sit on top of the bull.

Lovely aren't they? Posted by Picasa