09 March 2007

Bloody Builders...

We are going to have a conservatory built, along with a few other bits done inside the house.

I don't want to be involved too much with any of the works. I have put in my request (told BH what I want) and am expecting/hoping that he will advise the builder who will then come and take over all the planning etc.

Well, the estimator from one of the conservatory companies phoned out of the blue, could he pop by with the builder he was recommending so they could have a look where it was going. 'OK, no problem' said I. They came, so polite me asked let me know if you need anything. WRONG!

Questions questions questions. Which way do the upstairs floorboards lay!? No I don't know which way the upstairs loo pipes run under the floorboards! No I don't know what the drain cover looks like! What floor am I having - do I have to decide that now?

An hour and half later there were 4 of them talking of things I no nothing about, nor do I want to know - I just want a conservatory. This was the scene....

Can you guess who's is who's - there was the plumber, electrical, builder and conservatory salesman?


I was saved when BH came home unexpectedly and took over.


lettuce said...

well none of them look ever so workman-like to me!

and isn't your kitchen floor clean?!

Cream said...

Welcome back!!!

"Don't trust a workman with clean shoes!" Cream 2007.