05 July 2006

As I thought ....

Mr Handsome had not told the people I was meeting for my interview that I only want to work part time. All was going well until I said that I want to work part time, and then we all seemed disappointed. Mr H apologised, he has got irons in other fires so I will see what comes. He is off tomorrow so I will catch up with him on Friday.

The weather was appaling last night apparently, thunder and lightening, I missed the lot. I like that, knowing that I must have been in a very deep sleep. This morning it poured down, I know the garden needs it and all that but I don't like the rain. Now it is glorious, blue blue sky and bright sunshine. Just in time for my weekly game of Tennis.

We have a new partner for our doubles game this week. Me and GOM play doubles with our friends B&D and we usually win. This week B is rowing and therefore frisky S is standing in, it is going to be a different game altogether and at least D won't be shouted at, as is usual. I don't really have a lot of competitive spirit, but just recently I have been going for it. Fingers crossed for tonight.


lettuce said...


Home for long enough to do some semi-proper blogging and discover your new blog! Congratulations! About time!
Too many exclamation marks!!

Hope something works out for the job... and the herbs ... and the puppy (looks so cute) ... I've really enjoyed catching up you. I'll put a link to you on my blog soon as poss.

Love to GOM. (and you of course)


cream said...

Hi, Dizzy,
Thanks for visiting my blog! Any friend of Lettie's is a friend of mine!
I love your photos!
Will pop back very soon.

Kitty said...

Well, I am a friend of Letty's too and you don't come and say hello to me! Humph! Perhaps it's all those ants? They are a bit irritating.

Dizzy said...

Hi and welcome.

Cream: Many thanks ol' smiley eyes. More photos to follow soon. I know I know less of the ol'

Le Chat: I have felt like commenting on your site so many times. I am not as witty or as quick as you girls (or you cream.

English ants are no problem, tiny little things, you should have seen the size of those creature in India, shame I didn't get them on the camera. They are even larger than those woodlice you have been blogging about.

euro-trac said...

You don't come and say hello to me either... :O(

euro-trac said...

BTW - I think you might be mistaking 'witty or as quick' for drunk!? :O)