04 July 2006

Must carry a camera.....

I haven't been out photographing these last couple of days, though I should have the weather has been glorious. Here are a few from earlier in the year.

Moody St
Ouens Bay
- at the waters edge

Sunny St John - daffs in April


Dad - He has acute renal failure, basically kidney failure. We don't know how severe at this stage, I am hoping that when they rebalance his fluids and blood that he will bounce back. Though I fear that he now has lasting kidney damage, then what is the plan - dialysis? I doubt it, not if he won't keep a drip in his arm, how are they going to get dialysis going.

Sister (1) called me today, what an honour.... She had her mobile phone off all last week while she was away at a karate week with her boys (1 hubby and 3 sons). She returned on Saturday and received my message on her answer phone. Today is Tuesday! I gave her an update on Dad, said she would sleep on it as she had just come in from a night duty, she is a nurse. I wonder did she call the hospital....

Brother - he was advised to take more exercise and watch what he eats, not too helpful when the drugs they are giving him slows him right down, he has no enthusiasm for anything. Additionally, he lives in a home and has no choice over meals apart from whether to eat them or not. The doctor/consultant also gave him a card to take to his GP so that he can have blood taken for testing. I truly believe that the drugs have made him as he now is and hopefully the blood test will reveal this.

Job - I have an interview tomorrow for a part time position, at least I hope Mr handsome has told them I want to work part time. He advised me that they know all about me and to go for an informal chat - sounds ominous.

Herbal Medicines - bad news from the chief pharmacist, he advices that as far as he can interpret the law (in that he is not a lawyer/advocat) I am allowed to import, supply and sell raw herbs only (PTB). I am not allowed to bring any of the formulations that are available in India and that were allowed here just a few years ago. The law changed in 2004, do you remember a lot of fuss about not being able to take vitamins ect, then. So I am now looking into what herbal preparations are for sale in London, if they can be sold there, hopefully I can sell them here.

Did I mention that I am taking a distance learning course. Actually I am doing two but they are only modules not complete courses. Anatomy and Physiology - I need these subjects when Ayurveda does become regulated in the distant future, and it would be helpful for me to know the difference between a rectum and a radius when seeing patients. I received my first set of notes today, I will look at them tomorow. Today I sat in front of the TV watching wimbledon.

Not in such a good mood today, I will have to cheer myself up and get with it for this interview tomorrow. Don't know what to wear yet, I have lived in jeans and cheesecloth for far too long.

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