07 July 2006

Not a good day for.....

Cars - or my car in particularily. I had a 10am appointment with chiropractor yesterday and at 9.35am attempted to start the car - nothing, dead as a dodo, flat battery. Now we have had Beanie for over 4 years (since becoming a student), she has always been very reliable for her age (DOB 1989), but yesterday she made a stand.

Bikes - So, I will jump on my bike I thought. So got changed into my jeans and trainers and off I went to get my bike. Guess what, you got it - flat tyre. Well I have no feelings for this stupid cycle, bloody thing. So what I am to do. No car and no bike and by this time its getting on for 9.45am. So decided to take GOM's bike (grumpy old man if you have forgotten or not read that far).

Oh no, its got a cross bar, how will I get on with that were my thoughts. Do you know, it was great, I loved it. It was so easy to cycle, even up the inclines and slopes (I didn't try any hills). Lord knows what I looked like, but it got me there in a flash. I was there well before my 10.00am appointment. From now on I am going to use his bike instead of mine though I do wonder how that will go down. I can't see him riding a pink ladies bike, especially one that is not as easy to ride as his own.

GOM came with jump leads and started Beanie for me later in the day. Only for her to make another stand whilst I was at the supermarket, I had to abandon her and the shopping and walk home. She wasn't rescued until 8.00pm. Today I am going to treat her to a new battery hoping that will keep her happy for another few years - at least.

1989 - What about MOT I here you shout, we don't have that here. As long as your vehicle goes, looks safe and the lights all work, no one bothers.


Kitty said...

Perhaps you should get a fold-up Brompton and then you could stash it in Beanie for those days when she goes on strike. Then you just lift it out, unfold it and hey presto off you go. My BH (not grumpy, not old and not a man!) has one and whilst it looks a bit odd it certainly does the business.
I bet Beanie would behave herself if she knew you had a backup vehicle! She's just being a bit stroppy, trying to get your attention. Perhaps a visit to the carwash might cheer her up as well as her new battery.
Don't be shy about commenting on my blog. I love comments.

Dizzy said...

Good idea, I could keep a substitute in the boot. Shame I can't have one for GOM too, ha ha, nice young thing like Mr Handsome and the recruitment agency.... Hmmmm

Have you been peeking! She does need a wash.

What with a substitute in the boot, a wash and a new battery she should be bounding along.

lettuce said...

Loving the mental image of GOM on your pink bike!

Molly Bloom said...

I think I might know you...sorry I scared you with my horrors! Are you reincarnated....?

Molly Bloom said...

Oh yes....I see...I see who your hubby is...thought I knew who you were...must change me links.

Dizzy said...

Have you seen him in one of your favourite movies?

Donna said...

Hi Dizzy, just popping over to say Hi and to say yes I know about PD's dreadful habits but he is sooooo beeeyutiful *sigh*.

Welcome to the world of blogging. I shall pop back often :-)

Kitty said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my post last night.

You have become very popular since I last visited. Good for you!!