01 July 2006


Yesterday I went to the farm to collect my organic veg box, this weeks contents are carrots, new potatoes, broad beans, broccoli and lettuce.

On the way I passed Annabell

Then went on to Big Verns for a cup of tea and to admire the view

The farm offer a delivery service for 50p but with these views I am glad that I have the time to collect them myself.


ramblingwoman said...

Hi Dizzy! Youhave a blog now! Fantastic photos! I've always wanted to see Jersey! Thanks for your comments on my blog.

Kitty said...

What a beautiful cow. I love Jersey cows.

Just thought I would say hello and be your number two commentor (is it "or"? or "er"?).

Am trying to be healthy and good like RW but failing miserably on the booze!

Good luck with your blog anyway.