25 July 2006

Aubin and his better half...

I have been away for too long… I haven’t found time to blog, been busy or too tired- no excuse I know!

I have been at my job for just over one week now and think it is going to be good. I have been thrown in the deep end and am just getting on with it. As it is a new restaurant the office systems have been set up in a rush, some of them are fine but others need to be tweaked here and there. There will be 3 of us in the office, 2 part timers and one full timer. I never realised that you would need this many staff in a restaurant. In actual fact it is two restaurants in the same building. Downstairs is a gastro pub and upstairs is a very posh restaurant.

The office is in a separate building to the restaurant though just across the road. My desk backs onto the window and here are the views……

And this...

If I had thought a bit quicker I could have joined the two photographs and given you a panoramic view - just too slow!

I must say that I found myself gazing past the harbour out to the sea to the yachts and jetskiers more than once; they were having a race last week. I will have to enjoy the view whilst I can though as we are moving office in a month or so and I won’t be having a view, although we will still be in the harbour area.

Aubin The Goose

On my way to work one morning I stopped to have a chat with Aubin the goose and his lady friend. I interrupted their breakfast as they were tucking into the geraniums.

Aubin and his better half live in the harbour itself along with many ducks. Not long ago they (the authorities!) moved Aubin to another location in Jersey (I am not sure if he had a BH at the time) and the public went quackers (sorry i couldn't resist that), they were outraged. Such a fuss was made that Aubin was quickly returned to his former home. Quite rightly so, says I.

Other Updates

Dad - Dear Dad is now out of hospital. They have stabilised his fluids and sent him home with a catheter. Currently. there are no plans to give him dialasis thankfully, I don't know how he would have managed with that. Although he has a cathater in now, I can't image he will keep it in for long - bless him. His mind is a bit befuddled at the moment. He was saying that his sisters birthday is next week - she has been passed away for about 8 years. Last week he asked if our maternal grandparents were still alive...

Brother - He has had his blood tests and we are awaiting the results.

Herbal Medicines - I got excited too soon. The Chief pharmasist still says that the law states that I can only import and use single drugs. Therefore, I have put in an order for 50 or so single herbs from a very reputable hospital in south India and I intend to make up my own formulations using the classical recipes. I won't be beaten!


Rosa said...

What a lovely view. Good for you to keep on with the herbs! You go girl. Glad to hear your dad is out of hospital. Hope he does well. Just found you through someone and the someone else...hehe...who knows how I got here. Just glad I did. Love your blog!

cream said...

Great views... I also have nice views from our restaurants windows but not from my office.
I am puzzled at how many office staff the restaurant requires...Do you spend your time gazing out of the window or cooking the books!
I'd love to know what you do!
If I spend more than two hours in my office I go nuts so I just wander out and chat to the customers for a change.

Dizzy said...

Hi Cream,

It's a brand new building, built from scratch. Upstairs 120 covers downstairs probably about the same. Run as two separate restaurants, two kitchens ect. 50 new staff. All new systems - telephone, computer tills/stocktaking, swipecard timesheet systems, table booking system, new payroll system... need I say more... Its only been open for 3 months. I haven't even started looking at the figures yet, I am still firefighting the teething problems/staffing issues/system errors.

cream said...

Sounds really good! We are still "firefighting" after 21 years... It never stops!
We too have gone very technical with our third one, the tapas bar. But we only take bookings for large parties so that's still a diary and pencil operation.