09 July 2006

Some people...

Some people are just great....

In an empty field aside a main road a man and his young daughters have planted some seeds. Here is the result.

When I stopped to take these photos the chap was there with his girls (age 5 and 10?). I told the youngsters that I thought their field was wonderful and would make everyone smile on the way to work.

Apparently they had planted the seeds in the empty unused field so that people without gardens could enjoy the sight of all the flowers.

They had returned to the field to collect seeds pods to use next year.

There are poppies, cornflowers, sunflowers and other flowers, and some baby ladybirds so the 5 year old told me. Lovely eh!


Dad - He seems OK at the moment. They have managed to get him to keep his drip/catheter in and they are stabilising him, They intend to keep him in for a month - no long term plan as yet - is that good or bad?? Good I think, at least they are not sending him back too soon. He seems happy with himself, so much so he is asking for his cowboy hat and Brut aftershave to be taken in. Bless, he obviously has his eye on one of the nurses, God help them.

Sister 1 - left a message on the answer phone. She was quite sweet and now I feel guilty for my sarcasm. I will speak to her later tonight or tomorrow. Oh, she sent me a lovely top in the post, it was a car boot purchase she bought when we were visiting Dad in May. She said it looks better on me! This is unusual though, but very nice.

Dog - Well we decided not to have a puppy. As I am going back to work it would be unfair to leave a little puppy dog alone (although someone told me today that it is OK to leave a dog for up to 4 hours, especially after a good morning walk) Gosh, what to do?!? I still think its not fair to leave a little puppy for so long.

Job - I am going for an interview on Tuesday. This is at a newly built restaurant overlooking the beautiful harbour of St Aubin.

They are looking for an accountant to cook the books and help manage the business, 25-30 hours a week. I think it would nice not working for a bank or accountant. When I was in finance I used to think that all I was doing was making rich men richer - here at least people will be enjoying the experience, well hopefully!

I have no experience in catering but I will but my brain to it tomorrow and work out what is involved and needs to be said.

Herbal Medication - Yesterday I found a local government document dated 2/6/06 or 6/2/06 that states "The Medical Officer of Health has confirmed that an Ayurvedic practitioner does not require a licence to work in the Island and there are no objections on medical grounds to Ayurvedic treatments" Yippee, if it means what it says.

I have forwarded the document to the chief pharmacist (a local government official!) for his comments. Maybe this is going to be a good week.

GOM - Actually I am going to stop calling him this in the hope that one day it will become untrue. You know what they say about daily affirmations.

Happy Allan is taking this week off as holiday. I thought it would be nice for us to have a week together before I start work (if I start work). The weather forecast is cloudy tomorrow and then sun and cloud for the remainder of the week. As they are always wrong my prediction is that it is going to be glorious and sunny.

We are going to go sightseeing, to visit some historical sites that we haven't been to for years, have picnics, go to the beach, swim, cycle (me on his bike), walk, and anything else that takes our fancy.


ramblingwoman said...

Hi Dizzy! Lovely pic. I've heard so much about Jersey, it's great to see the pics.

This habit of throwing seeds on unused land is a cult. But I can't remember what it's called. It's big in the UK. Green Vandalism or something!

Can I ask you what you would recommend for Holly (who is 11) who seems to have developed bad hayfever this year?

Good luck with your interview! What a lovely place to work.


Geena said...

I wish people here would 'vandalise' the fields like that...how lovely to drive past that..

You should ask Cream for restaurant bookkeeping tips..he's the expert.

Good luck...fingers crossed.

Calamity Tat said...

It's a bit of a cult thing to do on a island is it then, a bit whicker man cult is it?????? looks lovely though and I am sure you're right about the recruitment.... I can hardly believe it's my writing talents, I bet loads of folk got that message....

euro-trac said...

Wow weeeeee - that's a beautiful place to live!

Have you always lived there?

Dizzy said...

I not saying you haven't got talent Tat, I think its your writing and your new photo that did it. You obviously look very journalistic!

ET, been here 25 years, and only came for 6 months then met happy Allan and stayed.

RW. I will email you. Very difficult to treat HF effectively now, you have to start in March before the attack starts.

Kitty said...

Oh, have a lovely week cycling around. I love cornflowers and poppies.

I get hayfever too. Not too bad though. I was told to eat very locally produced (like up the road) honey - just a bit every day and I think it does help. No way of knowing for sure.

lettuce said...

Lovely pics, esp. the meadow flowers.

Good luck with the interview.


Dizzy said...

Glad you like the photos.

When I was working in the frenetic finance industry (working 8-8, for years and years) I became blind to the beauty of the island. Now my eyes are wide open.

Yes Honey is good, especially if you start taking it months before the summer. I have heard that Vaseline up the nose when the pollen count is at its worse also helps.

From an Ayurvedic perspective. Why do you get it when others don't, meaning why is your immunity lower against pollen. This is what ought to be strengthened prior to next summer.