14 July 2006

Where does the time go?

BH,'Happy Allan' has been off work this week and we have been out and about. Also, I have been a busy bee, I have :-

  • been for two interviews (more about that later)
  • seen the Chiropractor twice,
  • took some disabled friends to see the Blood Brothers musical at our local opera house - which was fab...
  • took others to see the War Tunnels (previously called The German Underground Hospital) which were buit during the German occupation of the island. It's pretty cold in there and quite sad, though very interesting ....

  • put highlights in my friends hair
  • played tennis
  • went to look at a possibility for an organic vegetable patch - not suitable
  • went walking
  • went on a cycle ride
  • searched town for new work clothes
  • took Ayurvedic doctor out for an evening walk
  • what else - oh ate too many lunches out and afternoon tea and cake.
The cycle ride.

We cycled from home up hill to St Martins (without stopping to walk I might add) were we visited Ransoms Garden Centre with the sole purpose of having a big piece of cake and a pot of tea in the Garden Tea Room. Ransoms is one of THE places to visit for afternoon tea.

In order to feel a little less guilty we did walk around the garden centre on the pretence that we were interested in looking at the garden furniture, plants, animal food stuffs, fish, clothes, fencing, granite Buddhas etc. In actual fact we were both incredibly thirsty and peckish and just wanted to get to the tea rooms. I chose banoffee pie whilst BH chose cheesecake. Each piece was so large and sweet we should have shared one. We have eyes too big for our bellies.

Back on our bikes for the cycle home we passed via Gorey. Gorey is on the east coast of the island and has a very pretty harbour overlooked by Mont Orgueil Castle.

The castle has under gone some very sympathetic renovation and recently reopened. I visited in June with my brother who was on holiday, here are some photos taken then.

From the back of the Castle

From the front of the castle

Looking down from the topmost tower to Gorey harbour.

The interior of the castle is pretty interesting too; I will share that with you at a later date.

Back to cycling. Here are some photos taken of the ride back along the coast to home. As you will see the tide goes out such a long way . Gorey has a sandy beach but as you come around the coast from east to south it gets very rocky (tourism of Jersey arrange evening moon walks around this part of the island).

Here is a photo from further round the coast looking back to the castle.

And another looking away from the castle, out to Le Rocque and the more rocky area.

On the job front.

On Tuesday I went off to The Boathouse restaurant for my interview, I was there for an hour and a half and thought it went very well. I was offered the position that afternoon.

I also went for another interview on Thursday morning with a lawyer firm, in fact where BH works. It was a role for project work within IT which I have done before and thought might be interesting. This job was a full time position so not for me.

I have now accepted the Boathouse position and on Monday will be driving out to St Aubin harbour to start my new job.

Yippee, I will have money again for the first time in 4 years.


Kitty said...

Great news re the job. Well done! Shame you can't defer starting until Sept though and enjoy the rest of the summer unencumbered by work.

Beautiful photos. I spent a wonderful summer on Alderney once a long time ago. I have lovely memories of the Channel Islands. It was always sunny. It was our dream to live on Sark! I would have had to get the hang of cycling then, wouldn't I?

Dizzy said...

We have had some lovely weekends on Alderney and some very boozey lunches on Sark.

Cycling in Sark is good as you only have to go on to the next pub. There is not much else to do is there and you can always get the tractor home is you are unable to cycle.

I used to work for a great Jersey guy who used to take us for lunch to Sark or St Malo in France. They were always very boozey. One year we took his old uncle, Major Le Sueur (though we called him Papa Ray), we had so much fun. We all drank so much and had to carry the old Papa Ray off the boat on the way home, lovely memories!

Yes good news about the job I am pleased. A September start date would have been good but I was a bit too slow. Actually, a couple more weeks would have been perfect.

lettuce said...

Hi Dizzy - well done on the job. I knew you'd get something soon - they are lucky to have you!!!

Lovely pics.
So sorry I wont be over at all this summer to cycle/bootfair/brunch with you.


Dizzy said...

Me too Letty - big PTB...

We will come to you at some time or other then we can bootfair and brunch...

Also, I am considering taking in the odd tipple or two now and again, we can then G&T together - perhaps in your new shed, we can squeeze in and shut the door....

Lots of love XX

ramblingwoman said...

Congratulations Dizzy on getting the job. What a relief and in a restaurant too which sounds interesting.

I just can't get over how lovely Jersey is. NOthing like a good photo to bring it all alive.

Do you think I could 'squeeze' into the shed with you and Letty too to drink G&T'S. That's a diet incentive! Diet to fit into a 'girl shed'!!

Dizzy said...

The more the merrier I say... We could put up an awning....

Hey you could always have a girly week/weekend in Jersey... Your more than welcome but you have to bring Letty with you (with or without LG, H and A).

I could send BH over to Charlton. Ha ha

ramblingwoman said...

Sounds like a great plan Dizzy!

Geena said...

Hey!!... way to go on the job front - yaaay...

you know what..I have a blog mate who lives in France in St Aubin....cool...

Donna said...

Lovely photos DDD the beaches and coastline reminds me of North Devon, rugged and unspoilt. Glad to hear that you have got the job and spookily enough I went to a restaurant called The Boathouse last night, not the same one tho ;-)

loahlam said...